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Economics and Statistics

Đăng ngày 28/12/2010

This is the fourth edition to Economic Statistics for NOAA, a compendium of economic statistics relevant to NOAA’s mission and programs. It is intended to serve as a common reference to the economic impacts and benefits of NOAA programs and provide a consistent set of economic statistics for NOAA management and staff when preparing for Congressional visits and testimony, budget preparation, speeches, and other external events. Two criteria were established for inclusion. The first is relevance and importance to NOAA’s mission and activities. Second is the ability to cite a credible source in either peer-reviewed or gray literature or correspondence. Statistics are grouped into three general categories. • Economic and Social Impacts reflect how natural marine, atmospheric, and coastal phenomena affect the general public. For example, weather and climate sensitive industries account for nearly 30 percent of the Nation’s GDP. • Contributions to U.S. Income, Employment, and Output are statistics that directly reflect the market value and human uses of resources impacted by NOAA’s programs. For example, the economic value added to the national economy by the U.S. commercial fishing industry was approximately $29 billion in 2002. Other statistics are a direct measure of the economic benefits of investing in NOAA programs, such as improvements in El Niño forecasts. • Coastal Ocean Economics, Population, Employment and Benefits statistics illustrate the demographic, social, and economic importance of the Nation’s coastal areas. They also reflect the quantitative importance of so-called “nonmarket” benefits of coastal resources such as beaches and recreational boating, which are not directly measured in dollar terms. Economic Statistics for NOAA is noteworthy in that it illustrates the economic importance of NOAA’s programs to the Nation’s economy and public well-being. This revised edition includes additional statistics on hurricanes, utilities, and coastal populations. Economic Statistics for NOAA was prepared by Rodney Weiher, NOAA Chief Economist and Avery Sen in Program Planning and Integration, with the assistance and input of staff throughout NOAA.


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